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Eagle Fire & Water Restoration is a family owned and operated business serving Fresno, Sonoma Ca and the Bay Area. We were founded to provide people with a plumbing and rooter service that offers the highest quality, most reliability, and superior service at a reasonable price. We are growing rapidly because of our amazing prices and service.

5 Plumbing Problems You Would Consider in Your

Time to time we all face different household problems especially in plumbing.  Even if you have a new house, your plumbing unit may require maintenance. Therefore, you need regular plumbing assistance, a good plumber, that can service you whenever you face issues with faucets,  toilets, drains.

Reliable residential plumbers usually provide complete plumbing services and make sure that your faucets are working, your toilets aren’t overflowing, and your drains are not clogged.

Let’s discuss what are the 5 main problems that you may face in your house:

1. Sewer Line Blockage
2. Hot Water Heater Installation & Maintenance
3. Pipes Leak or Clogged
4. Toilet Clogged
5. Replacing Faucets, Pipes and Other Parts

Common Plumbing Problems: 4 Advice For Any Household

Plumbing actually consists of 2 distinct sub-systems: one brings fresh water to your toilets, kitchen and other outlets, and the other carries waste water out of the house. Now let’s say, you moved into a new apartment or house.  The very first question will be: has your plumbing been recently renovated? Old systems are headaches; pipes can leak, toilets may not flush, faucets can be clogged.

1. Rerouting Pipes 

2. Emergency Plumbing

 3. Bathroom and Kitchen Drain Cleaning

 4. Preventing Clogs and Other Plumbing Problems

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