Smartly engineered roofing is a pledge of a careless,

affordable and comfortable lifestyle​

Roofing is a complex and painstaking process. If the installation or repair of the roof is incorrect, the house will not retain heat in its walls. In addition, leaks can occur, which will lead to a loss of tightness of the structure and ultimately to mechanical destruction of various elements of the building.
In order not to leave such an important process as the execution of roofing work, solely at the discretion of the masters, it is useful to imagine what stages it consists of and what is typical for each stage.
The concept of “roofing work” includes repair and maintenance in the same way as designing and erecting a roof. Roofing work is traditionally postponed until the fall, but if possible it is better to take care of the roof in advance.
All types of roofing work contribute to the reliability and strength of the roof, so you should not neglect any of the steps, observing their sequence and approaching their implementation with responsibility.


The roof consists not only of a covering. In addition to it, the budget will include components of the supporting structure, components for the drainage system, insulation and vapor barrier. Also do not forget about the cost of transport and the actual roofing. All materials must be correctly selected and delivered on time to the construction site. After that, you can proceed to installation.

Any roof needs a reliable frame on which the coating will be installed. When mounting a supporting structure, it is important to ensure its strength and resistance to external influences

When planning roofing, the installation of a drainage system cannot be ignored, since its absence significantly reduces the life of the roof. Modern drainage systems successfully fit into any project and can become an additional element of the exterior decoration of the building.

If the supporting structures are made of wood, it must be impregnated with protective compounds that will prevent fire, decay, parasite and mold damage. All heaters must also include flame retardant impregnations.


Since, according to the laws of physics, warm air rises up and cold air rushes down, the roof should protect the house as much as possible from heat leakage and cold penetration. For this, heaters are necessarily provided for in the design. Vapor barrier allows you to keep the necessary humidity conditions in the house, on which the service life of both the interior decoration and, ultimately, the supporting structures will depend. When calculating roofing, it is imperative that the costs of insulation and vapor barrier be included in it.

Enjoy your new roof and prepare to change your life!


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